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Change Your Tires and Your Attitude About Car Maintenance Before You Are Left Flat

Staying on top of your tires is probably one of the easiest car maintenance issues you can track. Proper care of your car and its tires saves you money and undue time if you have an issue arise that could have been avoided. A little maintenance goes a long way.

    • Nearly every gas station has an air gauge in order to check the air pressure of your tires. Keeping the air quantity in appropriate levels is the best guarantee that you will not have a flat tire.
    • Rotate your tires on a basis consistent with what the manufacturer suggests. In general tires should be rotated every 6 months or every 6,00- 8,000 miles to even out wear and tear
    • Check your tires often for nails or rocks that may get caught in the treads
    • Make certain that you have the appropriate tires for you car. Always go with what the manufacturer suggests. After all, they made your car they are the best ones to know what will make it glide best.
    • New tires should be put on your auto as recommended by the manufacturer.

If a flat happens anyway due to an unknown factor or your tire running over a sharp object on the road, Rick and Tom's is there to service your vehicle. Rick and Tom's Hometown Tire and Service offers many maintenance services for your automobile. Fix-a-Flat is only the beginning. Continuous maintenance is your best line of defense against having any problems with your car.

We offer 21 smart and budget friendly services to our customers. We try to make you feel as if you are at home. Some of the services you will find at Rick and Tom's are:

    • Oil Changes
    • Air Conditioning Service and Repair
    • Belts and Hose Replacement
    • Cooling System Maintenance
    • Engine Services

As you learn more about your car and the minimal but necessary maintenance that it needs you will find that a lot of the major issues can be avoided. Come in to Rick and Tom's Hometown Tire and Service today so we can serve your car's needs today.

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