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The Future of Asphalt

With the numerous advances that have been made in the construction and transportation industry, there has been some speculation that asphalt might be falling by the wayside when it comes to surfaces for roads and highways; however, the future of asphalt is bright. Construction companies everywhere continue to turn to asphalt when they need a surface for anything related to transportation. In fact, the number of uses for asphalt is only continuing to grow.

New Discoveries in Asphalt

The trusted surface continues to undergo innovation and redesign. For this reason, the surface continues to be used in everything from interstates to race tracks and runways. For example, colleges and universities everywhere are continuing to study asphalt and experiment with ways to make it better. Recently, Michigan Tech has started using something called nanoclays to construct better asphalt. Other discoveries include finding ways to pour asphalt in a safe manner that doesn’t fly up and contaminate the lungs of the people working on it. The key to ensuring a productive future for asphalt is to never stop improving on it.

Placing Solar Panels in the Road

One of the new advances that have been made in asphalt and road construction is to use solar panels to improve on the roads. These solar panels could be used to build and absorb energy for a variety of purposes. For example, everyone knows how hot the blacktop gets in the summer sun. Why not take this heat and store it as power? It could be used to power electric cars, the lights on the road, and even the street signs that are nearby. This is a capability that asphalt could see sooner rather than later.

Water Absorbent Technology

Furthermore, there has been research regarding water absorbing asphalt for areas that frequently occupy floodplains. Instead of watching water pool and damage the environment nearby or watching cars hydroplane into dangerous accident, there has been a significant amount of research into using asphalt that can absorb this water instead. This can help to mitigate the damage that floods have caused in the past.

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