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It's Never Too Late To Start Saving!

Just because you haven't been actively putting away money for your retirement doesn't mean it is is too late to start. Every dollar you manage to save today will give you greater financial freedom tomorrow. Even if retirement is only 5 or 10 years away, you can build up a significant nest egg if you are willing to make serious changes now.

How to Start Saving For Retirement When You Are Older

Know what you will need.

One reason many people don't save for when they are older is because they don't have any idea how much they will realistically need. Many people are under the impression Social Security will be able to pay for their needs. But people are living much longer these days and costs are growing. Talk with a financial planner to help you estimate your future financial needs.

Set a savings goal and meet it.

Create a realistic saving goal and work out how much money you need to contribute each month to meet it. If you have extra money from each paycheck after paying your bills, instead of spending it, save it. On the other hand, if you are spending most of your paycheck, find ways to lower your expenses. A bit of a pinch now, is much better than a hard bite later.

Downsize your life.

Many seniors, even those without financial worries, are selling their larger homes and moving to smaller, more economical homes which require less maintenance. You can use the profit you make from downsizing to fill up your retirement accounts and use all the extra time you will save on taking care of your home on spending time with your family.

Use your age to your advantage.

People over 50 can contribute additional money each year into their tax-deferred IRAs and 401(k)s saving accounts. Take advantage of this opportunity, if you have the money available. In addition, there are many organizations which offer older Americans advice on finances and saving for retirement.

American Senior Benefits in Hudson, Wisconsin is dedicated to helping seniors get the insurance they need to lead a long and healthy life. Call (612) 865-3318 to find out how American Senior Benefits can help you!


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