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You Lose Your Car Keys, Now What?

We've all experienced that moment where we go to reach for the car keys and come up empty-handed. Sometimes luck is on our side and that elusive set of keys shows up, but every once in a while, we lose them for good. Panic sets in - what to do next? Replacing them can be quite costly, especially when it comes to programmed car keys.

Get the Car’s VIN Number
The VIN number is easily found on the car’s insurance information. If you don't have the paperwork laying around, it can also be found in several places around the car, like the dashboard on the driver’s side which is visible through the windscreen. It may also be located on the door jam, rear wheel well, the front of the engine block, and the car trunk.

Write Down the Year, Model, and Make of Your Vehicle
This is crucial because it helps in finding out which unique and specific type of key your car uses.

Find a nearby auto locksmith

Locksmiths offer better deals than going to your manufacturer or dealer. Most have high-tech machinery to help you replace your keys. If you happen to lose your key fob or remote, the locksmith will help you replace it by making a new one. This, however, depends on how sophisticated your car keys were. Usually a locksmith should be able to reprogram the replacement key.

You should also bring along all fobs and remotes associated with the car because they will also need to be reprogrammed. For high-security car keys which are associated with expensive, luxurious cars, it can be a little more challenging and costly to replace due to their extra anti-theft security systems. However, with the right machinery and technician, it can be done. If that doesn’t work out, you can visit the car’s manufacturer or dealer who will surely take care of the problem but of course at a higher price.

It can be a hectic and costly job replacing your lost car keys especially for newer car models which are highly computerized, but it is not impossible, all one has to do is follow a few steps. Learn more about how to replace your car key by contacting Moseng Locksmithing.

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