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What does it mean to Live and Share God’s Love? God’s Love that we are to live and share is the Gospel of Christ. To Live it, means that we travel through and interact with this sinful world in which we live as God’s redeemed children.  Strengthened by the Holy Spirit using the Word and Sacraments, and encouraging others with the same, we strive to keep God’s commandments.  Not to be saved, but because we know we are saved by the power of the Gospel.  Sharing this love means that we should remind each other of God’s grace through Christ and be ready to proclaim it to anyone anywhere God leads us.

So, we invite you to join us for worship or a Bible study to be reminded of God’s grace. Or simply contact us to learn more. At Bethany, we hope to live and share God’s love with you so that you may go and do the same.