Common Questions About Studded Tires

Common Questions About Studded Tires

Do you want to protect your vehicle this winter? If so, then it’s a good idea to invest in studded snow tires. If you’re facing the prospect of driving through ice and snow in the near-future, then having studded tires will help to protect you from blowouts and other potential accidents. Here are the answers to some common questions about studded snow tires. 

What are studded tires? 

Studded tires are designed with metal studs in the tread, which provides extra traction for your tires. Since the studs effectively dig into the snow, they can help to keep your tire from skidding. Thus, they can help ensure that you are able to continue to drive your vehicle safely, even when the roads are dangerously slick. 

What are the advantages of driving with studded tires? 

As any driver who has driven in severe weather knows, it isn’t safe to drive on roads that are snowy or icy. It can be extremely difficult to control your vehicle, whether you’re braking, accelerating, or navigating sharp turns. By providing your vehicle with greater traction, studded tires can help to keep you safe on the road. 

Are studded tires safe for all driving conditions? 

No. If you try to drive with studded tires on roads that do not have ice or snow, the studs can make it more difficult for you to effectively control your braking. They can also do damage to the road itself. As a result, you should only use studded tires when you are intending to drive on roads that are covered with ice or snow. 

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